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At His House we want everyone to have the opportunity to contribute to what God is doing on campus and around the world. These opportunities exist to creatively and effectively serve, connect, and spread Jesus’ love to the church body, the local campus, and our surrounding community.

Currently, we group these into 3 strategic areas, which allow us to serve in a variety of ways.  Take a minute to see where your talents and abilities could best be used, and sign up to be a part of one of these teams today!

Our Church.

Guest Services.

Our Guest Services team focuses on the overall guest experience of those visiting His House CMU.  Whether they’re new, or have been around our church for years, we value every person who walks through our doors.  Guest Services team members help create a welcoming and inviting atmosphere for people to encounter Christ.
Our Guest Services team includes: Parking, Greeters, and Hospitality volunteers.


Our HisKids! volunteers help us to reach our youngest generation to become active followers of Jesus!  Our HisKids! program is designed for children ages 0-5th grade, and provides them with fun and exciting ways of learning together.  Volunteers are given the opportunity to spiritually invest into the lives of children from an early age.
Our HisKids! Volunteers include: Large Group leaders, Small Group Teachers, Check In Attendants, and teaching assistant volunteers.

Creative Arts.

Our Creative Arts teams enrich our services and outreach efforts by sharing their creative talents across several fine arts fields.  These teams allow individuals to use their unique giftings to create and share great art with our church and surrounding community.  We have a great passion for the arts, and would love to see you express your talents on one of our teams!
Our Creative Arts team includes: Dance, Drama, Media (photo/video/graphics), Production, Visual Art, and Worship volunteers.

Our Campus.

Campus Outreach.

Our Campus Outreach team is dedicated to reaching out to the students on Central Michigan University’s campus at all times.  Our goal is to be have an unavoidable presence on campus.  We value making the first move, and this team helps accomplish that vision.  We meet students where they’re at, and invite them to be a part of this great movement of God.
Our Campus Outreach team includes: Campus Outreach, International Outreach, and Prayer volunteers.

Our Community.

Community Outreach.

Our Community Outreach team works hard to serve the needs of our surrounding community through any means possible.  They facilitate the major service events of our church, and allow opportunities for our body to serve and love those around us in a way that shares Christ’s love.  This team pushes us to go above and beyond in our service to those around us.
Our Campus Outreach team includes: Community Service volunteers.

How Can I Volunteer?

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