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These are the most recent messages from His House at Central Michigan University. His House is a church and student organization at Central Michigan University designed to be reaching the emerging generation to become active followers of Jesus.

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7/23 — Navigating Life: Worship in the Waiting — Matt Monroe

7/9 — Navigating Life: Family Dynamics & Dysfunction

7/2 — Navigating Life: Facing Fear — Josh Chaffin

2/16 — Where have all the good men gone? — Josh Chaffin

2/5 — Ruth 1 – Love Story: The Mystery of Mercy — Josh Chaffin

10/2 — 7 Miracles: Healing the Man Born Blind — Josh Chaffin


9/29 — Freeway: You Can’t Blame Your Way to Freedom — Jon Strifler


9/22— Freeway: You’re Stronger Than You Think — Josh Chaffin


9/18— 7 Miracles: Feeding the Five Thousand — Josh Chaffin


9/15— Freeway: The Gift of Slowness — Jon Strifler


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