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Men’s Ministry

Men's Ministry 15

This year for Men’s LifeGroups we are seeking to strip away distractions and anything that would try take our focus off of what God says is best for our lives.  We are focusing in on the basics and running hard after what Jesus says is right and true and good.

We have four groups that are designed to help us pursue these things:

Basic: Christianity

Who is God? What is the Church? What does that mean for this messed up world?  This group is focused on deepening our understanding of the foundations of our faith and our commitment to God’s people and God’s world.

Basic: Scripture

How did we get the Bible? Why is the Bible Trustworthy? What does the Bible have to say about the difficult questions I’m asking?  This group is focused on growing in our understanding of God’s Word and in learning how to apply His Word to our lives.

Basic: The Gospel

Who is Jesus? What did he do? What effect does that have on me here and now?  This group is dedicated to growing in our understanding of Jesus Christ and his Life, Death, and Resurrection.

Basic: I Kissed Dating Goodbye

What is the point of dating?  What does it mean to have a godly relationship?  This group is walking through Joshua Harris’ book “I Kissed Dating Goodbye” to learn how to develop healthy relationships with God at the center of them.



In all these groups: we are all learning! There are no pre-requisites and no one is beyond these questions.  Sign up below to join us this semester!

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